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Cable Tie Express Upcoming Tradeshows

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Cable Tie Express will be exhibiting at the following tradeshows in Las Vegas:


National Industrial Fastener & Mill Suppy Expo. - Oct. 24-25th 2013

Oct. 24th 09:00am - 4:00pm

Oct. 25th 09:00am - 1:00pm


STAFDA Annual Convention & Trade Show -  Nov. 12-13th 2013

Nov. 12th - 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Nov. 13th - 10:30am - 4:00pm

More info coming soon on these events.  Please come visit us if you plan on attending these shows!!




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Unique Cable Tie Applications

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Welcome to our new website!  We hope you are finding it to be informative, beneficial, and interesting as it becomes your tool to source Cable Tie Express products and enhance your product and application knowledge. 

Speaking of applications for cable ties let me begin by saying what I like to call my “universal spiel” – cable ties are used anywhere and everywhere!  And there is no time like summertime for you to spot applications where cable ties are “at work”! 

Check out this photo recently taken by one of our inside service representatives as he and his family celebrated their daughter’s first birthday!  I see an up and coming future member of the Cable Tie Express team for she is already promoting our products!

Other great ideas for cable tie applications?  They are abundant at nearly all summer festivals and sporting events where signs promoting or at the actual event are held up with cable ties.   Another big use of cable ties (or zip ties) is for setting off our magnificent fireworks displays throughout the country - cable ties are the prime method of securing the fuses to each other before blastoff!

We hope that you, our distributor customers or potential customers, will keep your eyes out for cable tie applications and give us a call for sourcing of these remarkable products!

Unique Cable Tie Applications?

Have you seen any unique or interesting ideas for cable tie applications? If so, let us know (via comments section) or email us a photo. If its unique, we'll include it in an upcoming blog post.

Thanks and best wishes for a sparkling 4th of July to all!

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Moisture Content of Cable Ties

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Cable tie performance is directly related to the moisture content of the ties. Nylon 6/6 is the material of choice for cable ties for many reasons.  With a very high strength to weight ratio, this material is noted for its toughness, impact strength, resistance to abrasion and chemicals, wide temperature range, and versatility in a variety of applications.  Nylon 6/6 is a naturally hydroscopic materials – it absorbs and releases moisture depending on its environment.


When first produced, cable ties contain nearly zero per cent moisture.  At this point, the ties are at their greatest tensile strength but may also be brittle and lack toughness.  If exposed to air for an extended period of time, the tie will naturally absorb water.  However, this can take several weeks.  Where the average relative humidity is about 60%, a normal condition in the United States, the tie will reach about 3% moisture.  Figure A of the graph below indicates how relative humidity affects the amount of moisture.


Manufacturers of cable ties, however, want the ties to reach an optimal condition quickly so a measured quantity of water (2-3% by weight) is added during the packaging process.  Following the addition of this moisture, it takes about three weeks for the desired level of absorption to take place for optimal performance. Resulting from this procedure is a fine balance between tensile strength and toughness.  Figure B of the graph below highlights how the tensile strength decreases with increased moisture and further emphasizes the value of a 2-3% moisture content for cable ties (in this case, this relationship is illustrated for a standard 50 lb tie).


      Figure A – Absorption Ratio                                            Figure B – TensileStrength 

When examining concerns regarding the performance of cable ties, it is clearly evident that moisture is often the issue.  Following the recommendations below will minimize this issue and maximize performance.

  1. Bags of ties should be used in a timely manner or remain sealed until required for application.  Bags left open result in ties drying out, becoming brittle, and perhaps breaking.
  2. Proper quantity per bag should be purchased – bulk bags are ideal for higher volume usage while smaller bags are recommended for low volume requirements.
  3. A first in first out inventory policy, as we do at Cable Tie Express, is recommended.   
  4. Special attention regarding usage and storage environments is recommended during times of the year when extreme temperatures exist.


We hope this information is helpful in your understanding of cable ties and their performance.  We provide this to you in keeping with our Mission Statement - to be the most responsive, dependable, and knowledgeable provider of superior quality cable ties and associated products.  Please contact the Sales Professionals at Cable Tie Express for further information.



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Fastener Tech 13'

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Cable Tie Express with be exibiting at Fastener Tech 13' in Rosemont,IL June 10-13, 2013. 

Please stop by and visit us at booth 1223! 


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Tying Service To Quality – Our Best Practices

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Quality Cable Tie Supplier (Cable Tie Express)We truly believe in our tagline – Tying Service To Quality.  At Cable Tie Express, our goal is to provide the best possible products while at the same time exceeding our customers’ expectations on service.  What sets Cable Tie Express aside from other cable tie distributors?  We feel it’s our competitively priced product line, our service, quality and product knowledge.

Product Line:
Our vast inventory of cable ties has increased to include heat shrink tubing, mounting bases, wire connectors and cable clamps.  Our team is also flexible with customers, offering solutions and alternatives to their own product application.  This allows our customers to achieve their own sales goals, cost savings and vendor consolidation.

From the initial phone call to shipment of your order, service is and always will be the back bone to Cable Tie Express.  With various warehouses strategically placed in Indianapolis, Dallas and Orlando, our customers receive fast turnaround on all shipments.

With two decades of experience, we have developed long-term relationships with dependable manufacturers. Most recently, we invested in a tensile tester which shows our dedication to the cable tie industry today and for many, many years to come. We don't just talk about quality, we live it every day.

Product Knowledge:
We recognize the need for education and training in the cable tie industry. Because of this, we offer training seminars and marketing tools to key distributor customers. Contact our staff today to discuss your education and training options.

We are always striving to improve and offer additional value to our customers. If you have any ideas, we'd value your opinion. 

Thanks for your input.

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