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Releasable Pawl Cable TiesReleasable cable ties offer the perfect solution for those applications requiring reuse or reinstallation of a cable tie.  The one piece construction with a releasable feature designed as part of the head of the tie allows for consistent performance and reliability.  Natural releasable cable ties are preferred for indoor use applications while UV Black is recommended for outdoor applications, providing greater resistance to ultraviolet light. 

Releasable cable ties are available in two different designs.  One design has an extended pawl or locking mechanism in the head of the tie which can be released with a thumbnail force.  The second design has a large horizontal tab feature which releases the tie with a push onto the tab.  Releasable Cable Ties with the Extended Pawl are available in 4” – 14” lengths with a 40 or 50 lb tensile strength. Releasable Pawl cable ties are available in bulk 1000 or 500 pieces bags or smaller 100 piece bags.

Releasable Pawl Zip Tie - Vertical
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  • Product Overview of Releasable Pawl Cable Ties
    • Tensile Strengths – 40 lbs. and 50 lbs.
    • Material – Nylon 66
    • Colors Available -  Natural and UV Black
    • Temperature Rating - -40 degrees F – 185 degrees F
    • Flammability Rating – UL 94-V2

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