Cable Tie Express Delivers Fast Response Time

Have you ever placed an order before expecting to be received in a matter of days and it ended up taking weeks?  Or you’ve asked for a quote and days went by before you received it?  We all assume that when someone says they provide fast service, they mean it.  But what we sometimes realize (usually all too late) is that there are different interpretations for “fast”.

24 Hr Turnaround Time On Quotes

fast-response-2-Our fast response time guarantee ensures this won’t happen when working with Cable Tie Express.  Time is money. Because of this, we guarantee a 24 hour turnaround on all quotes.  Your sales won’t be held up because you’re waiting on a quote.

Same Day Shipping

Ordering from Cable Tie Express is simple and receiving your order is even simpler.  Orders are shipped same day from warehouse.  You don’t have to worry about waiting on your product.  Our quick shipping guarantees your order is out the door same day. 

Immediate Fufillment of Requests

Need samples, prints or certifications for your staff?  These items allow quality control evaluation and provide support to your sales staff.  Contact us today and any of these items can be processed without delay. 

The bottom line? 

You’ll find when working with Cable Tie Express your expectation of “fast” is the same as ours. Need anything fast? If so, contact us now.