CTE Gives Back! April 2022



            What started with an “I have an idea” moment of David Wilkerson, a pastor from a country pulpit in NYC, in reaction to the murder of seven teenage boys in 1958 began an outreach to gangs in the city and led to the development of an incredible 501(3) © non-profit organization called Adult and Teen Challenge.  The model of this Christ-centered program is to assist with drug and alcohol recovery, helping people on the path to become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive with a strong relationship to Christ.

            Throughout the past six decades, this program has grown into an organization that has over 200 residential programs throughout the United States and over 1,400 globally.  Collectively, the services offered include residential, nonresidential, community-based programs called Lifeline, inmate training, reentry training, out-patient counseling, violence protection in the workplace, and drug prevention programs.  Structured classes, individual study, personal mentoring, prayer, worship, work ethics training, and involvement in a Christian community are key elements of the program.  

            With alcohol and drug abuse crossing every geographic, economic, and cultural barrier, the Adult and Teen Challenge Northern Indiana specifically offers a 12–18-month residential program for men 18 years old and above.  Throughout this timeframe, students can confront their destructive choices and behaviors and adopt a new transformed lifestyle based on God and Biblical principles.  This program truly has been a “beacon of hope” where freedom can be found.

            Cable Tie Express hopes that this organization will benefit in a most positive way with this month’s Cable Tie Express Gives Back! program charity dollars.

            To learn more about Adult and Teen Challenge USA or to find organizations throughout the country, please go to  Information regarding the Northern Indiana location is available at