CTE Gives Back! - Aug. 2019

The relaxing days of summer are winding down and soon school bells will be ringing for children across the country!  This seems like the perfect month to help children start the school year on a most positive note with growing expectations and opportunities for success.  Two charities stood out in our charity nominations that truly target helping children with support at the very local level and promoting achievement in school and life. 

We are thrilled to donate a portion of the Cable Tie Express profits in August to By the Hand and Communities in Schools of South Central Texas.  It is our hope that both charities put this money to good use, empowering children to work hard, stay in school, and maximize the quality of their lives as well as influencing others in a most positive way! 

Here’s a snapshot of these amazing charities!

By The Hand

By The Hand is a Chicago-based after school program committed to serving children from the most under-resourced, dangerous neighborhoods and in critical need of intervention.

Founded in 2001, By the Hand this year is serving 1,523 children with a target for 2020 of helping nearly 2,000 lowest performing children succeed in school and in life.

Please check out their website www.bythehand.org to gather more info on this amazing charity! 

Communities In Schools South Central Texas

Founded over 25 years ago, Communities In Schools South Central Texas helps students (grades K-12) achieve in schools, graduate, and be successful throughout their lives. The program has grown to 52 staff providing services to nearly 30,000 at-risk students in 35 schools with over 3,000 students receiving intensive and ongoing-case managed services. Case-managed students receive targeted services such as supportive guidance/counseling, mental health intervention, health/human services (basic life needs such as shelter, food, and clothing), tutoring, and college preparation assistance. 

High fives to CIS from CTE for working hard to provide safe and healthy environments for students both at school and at home for the good of their communities.

To find out more about this amazing organization and the positive impact it continues to have, please go to www.cix-sct.org.

How happy we are at Cable Tie Express to help touch the lives of others through our CTE GIVES BACK program!

We are eager to hear your requests of charities dear to you so please submit your nomination at https://www.cabletieexpress.com/cte-gives-back. Together we can all make a difference!