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CTE Gives Back! December 2021



In this most magical of seasons, dreams of a better life ahead occupy the minds and hearts of many individuals throughout the world.  Helping to make the dreams come true for individuals in the state of Indiana who are either teenagers aging out of foster care or families recently separated from their children is the focus of the Dream Center Indianapolis, the Cable Tie Express December 2021 selection of charity dollars from its CTE Give Back! program.

So what makes the Dream Center Indianapolis, a organization affiliated with its parent 501 (c) founded in 1994 in Los Angeles, CA, distinctive in its own special way?  Not a shelter but a 24-hour living center, the Dream Center Indianapolis is focused on enabling long term solutions rather than just meeting short term needs.   Residents are assisted and provided resources for making a life of permanent prosperity from the spiritual, physical, mental, and financial perspectives.  Each resident is presented a 90-day plan which is then evaluated by subject matter network team members and then they are given the next 90-day plan.   “Graduation” comes when participants have reached a place of “self-sustaining prosperity”.  This term is defined as “entering a career that earns an annual salary of $55,000 or more while establishing new behaviors that bring about a lifetime of prosperity in a community of resilient people”.   Programs in the Indiana area which are a part of the Dream Center Indianapolis are from such organizations as Ivy Tech, Ascension Health, Ezkenazi Health, The Children Bureau, and a network of local churches to name a few. 

Currently in Indiana, there are 2700 individuals aging out of the Foster Care Program.  There are over 13,000 open cases of families facing homelessness or separation from their children.  This truly shows the needs that can be met through the Dream Center Indianapolis.

It is with open hearts that Cable Tie Express is proud to make our December contribution to the Dream Center Indianapolis.  For additional information about this organization, please visit

As we continue to focus on helping others through making monthly contributions to various 501 (C) organizations, may all of your own dreams come true!