CTE Gives Back! January 2021




While 2020 may be in the rear view mirror, the impact associated with the stress due to Covid-19 and the coronavirus remains, including the increased consumption of alcohol.  Studies have shown that during 2020 this heightened alcoholic consumption for many individuals has led to great challenges for individuals and families. 

As we kick off the new year, some focus is on how to counter this growth in alcoholic consumption in a positive way.  The Center for Disease Control’s has listed limiting the use of alcohol as one of “totally doable New Years resolutions”.  The news media has promoted Dry January – a month when people voluntarily stop drinking alcohol, starting the year on a sober, more refreshed and healthy note - as a challenge that has been taken up by many around the world.  

We at Cable Tie Express through its CTE Gives Back! Program are eager to lend support in this arena. We are happy to have chosen Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation in Minneapolis, MN with the CTE funds being directed specifically to the Bridge Clinic as the recipient of the January 2021 donation. 

Abbott Northwestern Hospital is rated the best hospital in the Twin Cities and the second best in the state and the Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation raises, stewards and disburses funds for the benefit of Abbott Northwestern Hospital and the communities it serves. The Foundation raises support for all care areas of the Hospital – cancer, mental health, neurology, cardiology, etc. - and for all purposes – education, patient programs, equipment, research, etc. Philanthropy creates the margin of excellence found at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.  


The Bridge Clinic in Abbott Northwestern’s Burwell Emergency Department is an innovative approach to substance use and addiction treatment. Often, people end up at the Emergency Department or are admitted to the hospital due to an addiction issue; their immediate health issue is addressed and they are discharged with little follow up support, and 2/3 of people struggling with addiction don’t have a regular doctor. The Bridge Clinic, based in the Emergency Department, provides intervention and consultation, medically assisted therapy (suboxone) if needed and, most important, transitional ongoing care, with the help of a social worker. The goal of the program is to provide high quality comprehensive care, increase access to addiction care, and support long-term health and wellness by helping patients establish ongoing care and support through community resources.  Through this program, the goal is to interrupt the cycle of addiction by addressing the medical and social aspects of the disease.  

For more information about the Foundation, we invite you to visit their website at

Additional information about the Bridge Clinic can be obtained by contacting the Foundation itself.