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CTE Gives Back! June 2022


Powered by ITOWN Church – Fishers, IN

With inflation rates hitting 8.6% for the 12-month period ending May 2022, the largest annual increase since December 1981, many families are truly struggling to put food on the table, to fill their gas tanks with fuel, and to meet many basic financial requirements of daily living.

The ITOWN Church, headquartered in Fishers, IN, has been stepping forward to assist in one aspect of these challenging times – that of putting food on the table.  Through its FEED YOUR NEIGHBOR mission, ITOWN Church as fed 75,674 families, providing food to the tune of 1,590,915 pounds of food, and tallying 1,026 salvations.CHCH

It has been the goal and vision of the Church, pastored by Dave and Kate Sumrall, to serve others through the love of Jesus and to become tangible expressions of God’s love.  Meeting the physical and sustenance needs of those in the community coupled with serving the emotional and spiritual needs have been keys to the success of the FEED YOUR NEIGHBOR program.  Each bag or box of groceries distributed at various sites throughout the Indianapolis area are prayed over and individuals have the opportunity to request and receive specific prayers to meet their custom needs.

To obtain additional information about the FEED YOUR NEIGHBOR program at ITOWN Church, please visit https://feedyourneighbor.com/.

Cable Tie Express is happy to be assisting those struggling with stretching that dollar to feed their families with its CTE Gives Back! Program donation this month to ITOWN Church and directed to its FEED YOUR NEIGHBOR mission.