CTE Gives Back! March 2021


MARCH 2021

A combination of 565,000 volunteers, their families and caregivers, 20,000 heath care professionals, and more that 250 staff members form the magic blend that is behind the American Diabetes Association and the March 2021 recipient of charity dollars contributed through the CTE Gives Back Program!

This team is at the forefront of continuing to move forward in improving the lives of the 34 million Americans with diabetes and the 88 million diagnosed with pre-diabetes.  Helping those afflicted to manage and truly thrive with this disease from fighting for affordable medical care to medication and supplies to offering life changing programs and to finding a cure are at the core of the ADA goals.  

The American Diabetes Association actually consists of three 501(c) (3) organizations: The American Diabetes Association, the American Diabetes Research Foundation, Inc. and the American Diabetes Association Property Title Holding Corporation.  With 96% of ADA funded researchers dedicated to careers in diabetes science, every $1 invested in diabetes research by the ADA leads to $12.47 in additional research funding.

To learn more about the American Diabetes Association or even to assess your own risk level for a diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes, we invite you to go to this link: