CTE Gives Back! March 2024


Spring has sprung, the birds are singing, flowers are popping, and trees are budding!   The world of nature is in its freshest season.  One of our cities – Charlotte, NC – has been known for its glorious mix of majestic oak trees, pines reaching far to the sky, elegant elm trees and gorgeous longleaf pines.  But this picture has been changing during recent years as Charlotte was losing over three football fields of trees per day. Its tree canopy had fallen from 49% to 45% in the six-year period from 2012 – 2018.  A study done by the University of Vermont in collaboration with Trees Charlotte, a 501(c) nonprofit established in 2012, helped to provide the fuel for its mission path to “grow, diversify, and steward the city’s iconic urban forest”. 

TreeMaster and TreeAmbassador Jeff Mabon summed up the mission and breadth of benefits that TreesCharlotte brings to this North Carolina city when he said,  "TreesCharlotte's mission consists of much more than beautifying the City of Charlotte. It's also about improving the quality of life for its residents.  One of the most exciting programs TreesCharlotte has started is called "Treesilience".  Treesilience is a holistic tree care initiative aimed at protecting and enhancing Charlotte’s under-canopied and under-served neighborhoods while building community through trees. Studies show that exposure to trees improves both the physical and mental health of people, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, and that they improve mood. Taking an active role as a TreeMaster and Tree Ambassador with TreesCharotte and knowing I am part of educating and serving our community and improving the health of generations to come gives me great pride."

The following highlights some of the results of the efforts of TreesCharlotte since 2012:

  • More than 48,900 containerized trees have been given away or planted
  • 24,500 volunteers have taken part in these community efforts
  • Thousands of students and residents have been educated on tree care and tree benefits
  • Partnerships with numerous corporate sponsors have developed
  • 7 successful Tree Canopy Action Summits have been held

It is a pleasure for Cable Tie Express through its CTE Gives Back! Program to award this month’s charity dollars to What a wonderful application of funds for us to welcome spring and to give to the Charlotte area with the hopes of other cities gleaning on to this idea and perhaps developing a denser and more beneficial tree canopy of their own. 

For more info or to become part of this program, please visit