Education and Marketing Assistance Services from Cable Tie Express

Education and Marketing Assistance

Cable Tie Express recognizes the need for education and training as our network of distributors seek new business and pursue additional sales opportunities.  Increasing product and application knowledge arms our customers with the power to provide value to their customers and grow sales with Cable Tie Express cable ties and wire management products.  Conducting sales seminars for our customers at their location, at our offices, or through electronic forums enhance the value we bring from the educational perspective.

In addition, making joint sales calls with Cable Tie Express Sales Agents also promotes stronger mutually beneficial partnership opportunities with our distributors and their customers.  Being on hand to identify additional products to be sourced through Cable Tie Express, answer questions, and provide additional information at the application level provides additional value in the sales process.

Learn More About Our Marketing Tools

Cable Tie Express offers a selection of marketing tools to further enhance sales efforts in the field. We encourage our network of distributors to contact us directly to discuss how we might further assist them in their efforts to grow sales with cable ties and related cable management products available through Cable Tie Express.

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