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Tying Service to Quality Since 1995

Cable Tie Product Line and Offerings by Cable Tie Express on a blue backgroundDelivering high quality product to its customers has always been a key goal for Cable Tie Express.  That commitment remains firm today from both the sourcing perspective and its focus on quality assurance once product has arrived at the Cable Tie Express facility.  Our inhouse quality department and testing laboratory  provides that competitive edge from the quality standpoint over many suppliers in the marketplace.


  • Long term and continually growing relationships with high quality, dependable overseas and domestic manufacturers
  • Thorough understanding of the capabilities of the manufacturers of Cable Tie Express products and the superior quality standards to which they adhere
  • Requests and receives quality test reports from manufacturers of products
  • Requires lot traceability right down to every bag of cable ties
  • Maintains consistent communication with both overseas and domestic manufacturers of products through regular meetings and in plant visits


  • Performs tensile testing of cable ties utilizing in-house and state of the art Instron Tensile Testing Equipment
    • Incoming products
    • Competitive products
    • Immediate response to any concerns in field
  • Performs moisture testing of cable ties utilizing state of the art moisture testing equipment
  • Adheres to a First In First Out inventory method
  • Offers customers additional support by providing product information

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